Monday, October 08, 2007

A book MEME

Actually I don't understand so well this thing specially because the word "meme" sounds to me very childish. But now I can understand it better.. so click here if you want to expand your vocabulary :)

Total number of books: I have many books and that is one of the best things I like to spend my money on. I have some 100 books at home in Peru but at home in Slovenia I must have some 250 more. From science, religion, history, technology, design, minerals, spirits, crystal healing, to novels, visual guides and of course many classics. One day I will count them. I have also some 20 audiobooks.
Last book read: I can't imagine that this one is a difficult question! Actually I'm reading many books at the same time... but It must be a finished one... ok, let me see. I have 4 books I finished reading recently:
  1. The Children of Hurin, J.R.R. Tolkien. It is a bit difficult to read book but talks about many interesting human values from the negative experience of a person living in a constant contradiction.
  2. Ideas that changed the world, Felipe Fernandez Armesto. It is a really interesting collection of chronologically organized ideas. The secuency of their presentation is one of the most important things on the book because it helps the reader to understand the "need" of having that idea in a particularly special part of our History. It helps to understand how the Human is and how we invented many "ideas" to facilitate our understanding of the world and life.
  3. Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. This one I started many months ago but I finished the last part no so long ago. It is a great book that explains the intricate and complex mind we have. The way of explaining philosophy using a motorcycle trip is a great idea. This is the kind of book that can change the way we live... you must read it ;)
  4. The Last Elf, Silvana De Mari. A fantasy book full of innocence and messages of hope. The perfect book for a long plane trip. The story is so simple to read that makes it irresistible! I wanted to read it again as soon as I finished and I read it again because it holds many beautiful messages.
Last book bought: The tipping point. I'm already at the half of the book. It is super interesting and I'm using it to try to motivate my coworkers to think how to make our sales more effective. It explains about the little things that are important in order to make a message to ring in the audience. I can send many advertising messages but not necessary get answers; this books helps me to find that I don't need so many advertising messages, it is better to think on who is key to receive the message.
I would like to mention other book that is very interesting because it is made to tell you in what you are good! Its name is Strength Finder.
Five meaningful books: They are not in order of interest or importance and please don't try to think that I'm comparing them. They are just books that made me think and get interesting conclusions.
  1. The Bible
  2. The Zahir, Paulo Coelho
  3. The Sacred Depths of Nature by Ursula Goodenough
  4. Night, Elie Wiesel
  5. Gilead by Marilynne Robinson
Thanks Matt for making me think more about my beloved books! that was great!

Saving one of the most emblematic natural sanctuaries in the world

There is a wonderful place in our Planet called "Candamo". That place belongs to a national park called "Bahuaja Sonene". Peruvian Government is starting to think to use 209 thousand hectares to establish facilities for researching the existence of crude oil; going against the advise of the opinion of the INRENA, institution in charge of the protected areas in Peru.
  • There is a web site where you could express your opinion. In english you could go to: this link.
  • In Spanish you can visit this web site.
  • here you can see the map with the area they pretend to destroy.