Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is it good to say I love you?

Interesting. I was checking the statistical information about visitors to my Blog and I discovered that many people is coming to look for an article regarding "different ways to say I love you" I posted some months ago. So what is interesting about that?

The interesting thing is that I see many people is looking for "the concept of love", "creative ways of saying I love you" and even asking to Google for information about if "is it good to say I love you".
That kept me thinking for a good while. Actually I'm not the right person to answer that question but for sure I would like to express my opinion.

I see that many people created a strong feeling of responsibility to the phrase "I love you". So strong feeling that it's reason for the "listener" to feel like a new kind of compromise is ready to start after listening to it. That is truly something that captures my attention. In my case I prefer to say "I love you" when I feel it, not when I think it is appropriate; freely and with the intense wish to make the "listener" aware that someone is expressing something real from the heart.

Then, why is that strange responsibility on the back of that phrase? I think it is because the "listener" could be exposed to distress in case that "love" wasn't as expected.
In any case, in my experience the "listener" would always get into distress for a false expectation of what love means or what love should produce. And in many cases the most romantic moments of my life were when I was a young student or a young adult. Exactly when the concept of love is being built. That means, in my opinion, that it's impossible to try to add a sense of responsibility on the expression of love when it comes in moments when we are learning about our feelings. (I think I'm still learning about that... aren't you?)

So... Is it good to say I love you? in my opinion it is more than good. Of course assuming that is a sincere expression. Why is it good? because it gives you freedom and lets the other know that someone cares. The consequences can be many: from a new couple, to a broken one; but that is freedom, it lets you know how the reality looks like and helps you to decide your next step.

What about other kind of love? like expressing love to your friends, family members... I think that expressing feelings is one of the most powerful ways to make of your life something worth living. There a re many ways of expression. I like to say to Andre and Marko, my two sons, that I love them and sometimes they answer me in the same way :)

To my family I show them my love by being in contact constantly and by being interested on their normal activities and the development of their lives. Some times I surprise them with really little details. Sometimes I express my love in the incorrect way and it gives me some headaches as well!

Is it possible to hurt somebody by expressing sincere love? I think that yes. Because sometimes we feel something and then we can change our attitude and hurt. I think I don't know anybody that wasn't hurt because of love. Those hurts I think are part of the experience we all need to have; like that we learn what is realistic and what is some other thing. Thinking a bit deeper... just by the fact of expressing something we will have the unwanted chance to hurt somebody.

I really hope that all of us will learn to express more our love to the others and to the things we are doing. That would be a truly gooood new for this Blog!

Here some quotations from St. Thomas Aquinas:

  • “The things that we love tell us what we are.”

  • “Love takes up where knowledge leaves off.”

  • “Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine”

You can go to Yahoo Answers and try to find something about the topic. I found something interesting: click here (It doesn't mean I agree with something there... just food for thought)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stories from a small planet

I was reading Guy Kawasaki's Blog and I found an interesting post about "Frontlineworld"
You can visit the web site directly by clicking here. It is about a collection of videos and texts talking about entrepreneurs from all the different regions of our planet.
They define themselves like that:
"Developed by FRONTLINE producers in conjunction with public television stations KQED San Francisco and WGBH Boston, FRONTLINE/World is a national public TV series that turns its lens on the global community, covering countries and cultures rarely seen on American television. "

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thinking about "hope"

The concept of "hope" is giving rounds around my head for the past weeks. That's not necessary gooood news but it could be if the idea is helpful for you, so why not to share it?

According to the dictionary from "Hope" is:

  • "To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment"

  • "To look forward to with confidence or expectation"

In many cases, when asking myself about what motivates people, I'm finding myself within the territory of "hope".

  • Marketing: The advertisement shows us lifestyles that some of us would "hope" to live.

  • Job: The possibility of learning more, growing professionally or getting recognized are constantly beating, telling us that exists hope that it could happen.
  • The "bad": We learn constantly of bad things going on. They capture our attention, that rings the alarm and in many cases we feel bad about it. The hope for improving and avoiding the same bad things to happen motivates individuals to help and contribute to change.
  • The un-known: We hope so much to understand what we don't know that we create our own explanations: the ocean was full of great monsters... better to stay close to the coast; We thought that the starts and planets were moving around the earth, etc.
  • The existence: We hope to live for ever. We wish to not loose so many great things that the future could bring. We hope at least to live longer to be witness. Even we hope that life exist after our material end.
  • Love: We hope to be loved and that makes the bigger changes on many individual stories. Persons changing their countries, letting their careers in the past. Just because of the hope for the experience of great and warm love.

There are many other things that we hope about. That might be a reason why the Human is known like an explorer. That's why some persons say that the mystery is the key to keep interesting relationships.

If we understand that, then could be easier to understand how to motivate people to succeed.

Friday, June 01, 2007

2 leaders @ the same time

I'm a fan of technology and I work with products offered by Microsoft and lately Apple.
I personally admire persons that are able to change the world with their ideas and I think they are a source of inspiration and hope.
There is a ton of things to learn from world wide known leaders like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Each one of them with a different perspective and each one of them still wiling to reach their dreams.
Here a set of 8 videos from an interview to both of them during the D5:

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