Thursday, August 31, 2006

Smiling @ you!

Wow! it is true!
I've heard so many times that an environment full of happiness is able to make you feel better! and when you are listening laughings normally you will start laughing as well!
For sure it happened to me... and some times I really couldn't stop laughing. So why not to try it online?
Is it possible that something online will make you feel in better mood? Make the experiment! With me it worked!

Click here

Good news bites

In my constant look for good news I found an interesting page with small bites of good things going on in the world!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Pearlington Project Katrina Foundation
The Pearlington Project Katrina Foundation

The mdeia is full of reports about how are the persons doing after 1 year of the strike of the huricane Katrina on the coast of United States. And it is positive to learn how so many people is still helping to recover the hope from so many humans. On CNN I found one article about a person that dedicated herself to help people, her name is Angela Cole. Click here to read the article. But on her web site (mentioned above) you will find pictures and interesting information. And if you wish to help... that's a good place where to stob by.

One friend told me once that to drop a tear can be a sign of sadness, happiness or whatever but anyway can help us to know that we need to act! and act means to solve problems and be positive!

Its nice to smile

Just today my friend Andrej sent me a couple of links that made me laugh. It was needed in a day full of work and stress

  1. It is each time closer!!
  2. I knew it!

Thanks Andrej!

Monday, August 28, 2006

A clean way of making iron

Well to tell you the truth I didn't know that the process of making iron was "dirty". So now I know.
I was reading a Blog from Michael Kanellos where he mentions about that new methodology that produces iron and oxygen... Excluding from the traditional method the generation of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.
This time was the MIT! Click here to see their report
And to see Michael's post click here.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Beauty in nature

Picture by Jane Cockman

After checking the great picture of the Hummingbird Hawkmoth I went to get more information about it. There a few articles in the web site of the he Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

And if you wish to continue being surprised by the beauty of our nature click here to see a great slideshow from Flikr with thousands of pictures tagged with the word "nature": enjoy!

Tip: in the past address... if you replace the word "nature" and you right some other word like "beauty" or "green" or whatever you like Flikr will generate a slideshow for you!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Contradiction? what whaaat?

It looks like all of us have some moments when we feel like "we need"to change.
I'm talking about those moments when we are not sure if what we are doing is what we really wanted to do in our lives, if we are working in the right place or even if we studied the right career.

I think that the nature of the human is to be in constant contradiction, and that contradiction is basically in:
  1. When some change is coming there is always the need of security, no changes, routines. A force against the change.
  2. When the day to day is giving security and it's full of routines there is always space for questioning, for wishes of change, adventures. A force against routines.

But the interesting thing is that the professional and personal development do have direct effect on making a balance. Security is fine and measured risks are fine as well and no contradiction because one can take some risks without changing what gives the security. I also found that basically in the same place where we are working it is possible to develop all our dreams but it all depends on the leadership and initiative of each person.

But something is missing. And it is to have clear sense of purpose.
In the following link you can find an interesting place on the Internet where to find a great tool to make it! I really advice you to give a check on it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Boy scouts saved a baby girl!

When I was a kid I was a boy scout! But at this time of my life I forgot about that noble group of people.
A baby of 18 months was rescued by some boy scouts. Here you have the link. There is a video as well.
For more information in Wikipedia about boy scouts click here.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Get well soon!

This is a great message! If you would like to know who made that image, why... and inspired on whoom... click here
On that web site you will find also some other great messages and good news!
Can you see the "get well soon" text within the tree?
There are 10ths of wonderful banners like the one this post... really great things and you can download PDFs of each one of them! enjoy!

Tribute to Lillian I. Frederick

Just blogging around I found a great site and idea. It is named The 2,996 project.
This site is built to offer a tribute to all the 2996 persons that died on the 9/11 terrorist attack. Each person that registers will get a number and that number is equivalent to one of the victims.

Bad news are out of this blog. So I will not talk about terrorism. The good new is that with ideas and initiatives like that our world will get more to the "good" side of the balance.

Lillian, I saw you for first time today, in a nice picture. I've decided to write you here because by doing it I will show that all victims, like you, are still affecting positively the concept and need of peace. Remembering the bad moments can be painful, but forgetting them is unforgivable.

Lillian I. Frederick, 46, Teaneck N. J., World Trade Center, 9/11

New ways of making money... are also good news :)

I'm working on some training courses for SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and I would like to share some tools I find very interesting to improve the way your web site is listed on the most important search engines.
But why is this so important?
Well, if you don't have a web site and you think that a business on the internet, managed at home is a potential interesting opportunity or a risk you can afford; or if you do have a web site and it is not producing any kind of profit for you... Then SEO is something you would like to know.
There are tons of information about it on the web. Try on wikipedia. But because of that is very important to find the "best" information available. I already made the work and I would like to share it here.

Just expand the following flashpaper document making a click on the button that is at the right side of the printer icon:

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Coming back home!

This picture is telling everything! they are coming back home! The cease-fire, between Israel and Lebanon, started making feel happy many persons.

A great alternative to fight against HIV/AIDS

This time Bill and Melinda Gates participated in the XVI International AIDS Conference, (August 13-18 in Toronto, Canada).

Both presented their new sense of optimism after a trip to Africa where they discovered better coverage and more effective actions in the fight against AIDS. But at the same time they showed the urgent need of additional attention to improve better systems of prevention.

"We believe that microbicides and oral prevention drugs could be the next big breakthrough in the fight against AIDS" said Bill gates during his keynote speech. View speech

There is an article about it also in UNICEF web site, worth to read. Go to web site
Other related new in BBC click here

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A good new for all of us!

Hello! This is the first post in this blog.
The idea is to have here a repository of good news. A place where to share that kind of information that makes humans to smile or to drop some tears of happines.

If you are interested into cooperate with this blog please let me know! we would like to cover an extensive part of our planet! so no matter where you are, in a small town in Africa, a village in Slovenia, a big city in London or in your office.

Help me to make some people to smile and to feel proud of beeing in our great planet Earth!