Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are you looking for success?

"The accomplishment of an aim or purpose", that is the definition of "success".
The fact is that defining success in the case of a person is very difficult. And it is even a bit confusing because many times it is misunderstood and related to economical prosperity.
There are many known painters that lived poor lives and achieved fame and worldwide recognition years after their death. Where they successful? I think they were successful in some things and unsuccessful in others; maybe they had really bad relationships with their family members and even with the community.
Of course there are persons that live without economical problems but live in deep depression and personal distress. Many of them with the feeling of not really making something meaningful.
In other cases I see persons that just live the day and are not complicating their lives thinking about success; in richness or poorness they find the time to enjoy and feel success. But they can have also deep problems like all the rest.
So, after that long introduction I think I need to make some kind of conclusion.Following are my ideas:
  1. A successful person is the one that reaches during a life time many of his or her aims. The person that is able to find that all the mistakes and hard times shaped his or her life and helped to find solutions according to his or her values.
  2. Small successes can make a person to recover trust, therefore find bigger moments of success. Failure should be considered, like may persons know, a component of what we call experience. Replace "I failed" with "Now I know how to avoid that problem".
  3. Constant effort, creativity and perseverance are definitively a good way to reach success. Sometimes life is too short but if the efforts are focused on the right direction, it is possible that later your effort could mean success for people that believed in your leadership.
The good news: there is no "quantity" related to your success. What I try to say is that it is not important starting with big aims. Starting with simple things, like getting a nice smile from a friend, coworker or just any person on the street could become your first step in the long way to a meaningful life. Don't worry so much on the result, focus on each step, might happen that on the way you will find that your aims are changing. Enjoy the process. Success will come in the right moment, for you or for a future generation.

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions" - Ken Blanchard
"Success is a journey, not a destination." - Ben Sweetland
There is a quotation that I can't find... but says something like that: "you should not play tennis focused on the score, you should play tennis focused on the ball" (If some of you finds the real one please drop a comment)

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