Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to help the earthquake victims if you are not in Peru?

Well, here I found some places where you could visit to donate:
  1. Red Cross: (English)This one accepts payments from 5 US$ and is good because all credit cards are accepted.
  2. Direct relief international: Here you can also use online payments.
  3. Caritas Spain: (Spanish) This one is not using online payments but there is information on accounts where to deposit money.
  4. E-Wong: (Spanish) This is a online store for food and other supplies. They accept Visa credit cards and they prepared special packages for helping the victims of the earthquake.
Here there is a post with much more information than mine: click here
Please only make donations to organizations you trust.

--- UPDATE ----
Care is now also offering help and receiving donations from their web site.

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