Saturday, December 15, 2007

It is time for development and growth in Latin America

There is no doubt, for many citizens and lately for many politicians, that closing markets is a way to poorness. Looks to me that Latin America is finding the recipe for success: democracy, open markets, better choices for consumers, more and better education, increasing competitiveness. All against totalitarian leaderships, protectionist regimes and all what Chavez, president of Venezuela, is trying to do.
The first steps towards development will lighten the next steps to the right way. Each time the light will be more powerful and the next steps will be more obvious. The way out of darkness is finally visible for some Latin American countries.
Good samples within the continent will show the right path to other countries and I have finally hope that a more fair society with equal opportunities will arise.

Peru and US signed a "commerce treaty" that improves the condition of Peruvian markets towards a better integration with the worldwide markets of products and investments.
More on: White House Web Site

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