Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bulgaria and Romania in the EU

I think Bulgarians and Romanians must feel very good about being accepted to be part of the UE from the first day of the next year! Congratulations for them!
On the news I can see that the feelings in Europe are mixed after the huge "pack" of countries accepted before (you can get more detail on BBC).
I'm living in Slovenia, one of the new members since 2004. And from my perspective EU means progress to the country. That's why I think this is a great new!
I also understand the problematic related with the acceptance of new members, like more migration the the richer countries. But this is a problem the UE leaders will have to solve. Otherwise the european people will not stay without expressing their opinions. You already know about what happened with the idea of a new European Constitution for France and Holland.
Good luck Bulgaria and Romania!

here more info from LonelyPlanet.com:

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