Sunday, September 03, 2006

People and places

Yesterday my brother, Alejandro, was telling me that his performance in a competition about "general culture" was a real disaster! His team got 12 points and the winner 55. He made the questions to me and I can say with confidence that my performance was as bad as his. I didn't know many names of cities and to which countries they belong. That was the case of Casablanca.
But I also know of many cases when the children are interested into know more about the world, the people and the places. And I'm sure you heard about some brilliant kid that knows all the capitals or countries in our planet!

National Geographic's web site improved very much. Now it is really easy to get clear information with multimedia contents like videos and animations. Really great. And if you wish to know more about the countries of the world there is a perfect place! click here to learn more.

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