Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gooood news for!

Yesterday was a great day for one of my company's projects. This is the third year we are running the competition. The past years was a great success and we've learned a lot about the "online" business potential.
One of the most problematic components of the project itself is the "rating system" that helps us to find who is the winner and of course that gives the excitement to the competition. During the past year holidays season we had to invest many days of work just solving bottlenecks with our rating system.
After many hours of work from Andrej and after months of his renewed solution, Boris and me started with the implementation of the solution. 10 hours of work gave a great result! We have implemented the solution in the same server than the past year and we replicated 24 thousands ratings on 930 letters to Santa! SO almost the same work the server had to resist in 1 month reduced to some minutes. The results were great! Almost no stress in the server and more than that... Correct results!
Now we are able to move the solution to a better server!
Long live the!

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