Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Making children to use the time learning

Today the weather was not so good for my kids to go and play in the garden. SO we stayed at home most of the time. So I prepared my old notebook for my kids to play and learn.
So, I wish to share with you my discoveries.
One of the first probelms I found is that many games are designed for kids older than 4 years. That is a problem because Andre has 2 years and Marko 3 and a half. Here is what I found usefull:
  1. BBC CBeebies: There you will find a great program for painting online. It is super because it teaches the kids how to use the mouse. The motivation is the result... by every click the see a nice result!
  2. Something similar but less powerful is a program called Painter
  3. Other painter software is available here
  4. Then I found a program for learning the countries of the world... really cool! super simple but a great thing. Its name is Seterra

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