Thursday, March 15, 2007

Biking for saving

We all have some idea of the benefits of using a bike to go to work or just to move within the town. We know that is good exercise and that helps protecting the environment.
But checking a bit deeper I found some interesting facts:
  1. If you ride a bike each day for 3 Km for 20 days a month you will save more than US$ 400 per year. Check the calculator.
  2. You can burn 80 calories per day (The equivalent to one egg) if you ride a bike for 3KM and your weight is around 75 Kg. Check the calculator.
  3. For 4.8 Km a car would need to consume 7 dozens of eggs, a loaded bus would require 2 dozens eggs per each person it carries, a walking person would require 3 eggs. In bike is only needed 1 egg and a half.
  4. If you cycle 30 minutes every day, after a year you would have burnt around 44,000 calories or 550 eggs!
  5. 61% of all car journeys are less than 8 kilometers.
  6. Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity while bicycling.
Do you have more reasons? please share them with me.

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