Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Good news to Share with Matt!

Dear Matt, as we talked some months ago... I'm notifying you that I'm in StarBucks in Vienna (the closest choice from my home)... drinking one great Macchiato with caramel!
This place saved me! I had to go to the embassy of Peru here in Austria trusting on the map downloads I have in my notebook. The sad truth is that my notebooks battery is dead! Here was the salvation power plug waiting for me :)


Matt said...

Excellent news! I thank God for Starbucks, in one sense I wish there were many great coffee houses to compete.. but until there is.. I am so glad for Starbucks Grande French Vanilla Latte.

Excellent Post :)

Jose Antonio said...

Dear Matt... I will try your Starbucks Grande French Vanilla Latte as soon as possible! And I will let you know ASAP :)