Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Scientific American, new web site

For many years I'm a reader of Scientific American web site. Actually I was very dissatisfied with the terrible design, unorganized layout and annoying advertisement messages.
The new design is much more clean, no more flying windows with advertisement and a very simple navigation scheme.
The main stories are displayed in the upper part together with a captivating picture. The latest news are just bellow.
Other articles are also reachable from the home page and most of them are available in RSS so you could receive automatic updates in your favorite RSS reader (I use Google reader).
The new web site also includes a "Community" space with interesting opinions, blogs and many sources of additional information. Actually that is much better for Scientific America because they can use their web site like a source of information, feedback and loyalty. That is certainly more appealing to visitors than multiple adds displayed everywhere.
Now, they use their web site for improving the magazine and as consequence they will sell more.

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