Monday, January 21, 2008

Starting a new year

This is my first post since 19 of December and if I try to find out why... it is because the start of the year is something very important. At least that is what I rediscover each year.

The 2007 was an interesting year. A lot of work, stress, new projects and also many beautiful moments and successful achievements.
But of course many mistakes I should not repeat this year. That is the reason of being a bit out of writing here. I started a new challenging year analyzing what to avoid, realizing what to do again and trying to learn from past experiences. That on personal and professional level.

So, between this busy start of the year I had the luck of getting a book I would like to advise you... it is inspiring, funny and "familiar". There are so many things I found in common with the message of the book... I wouldn't want to tell you more, just click here to see more.

I'm still far bellow 50 but anyway is useful!

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