Saturday, August 19, 2006

New ways of making money... are also good news :)

I'm working on some training courses for SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and I would like to share some tools I find very interesting to improve the way your web site is listed on the most important search engines.
But why is this so important?
Well, if you don't have a web site and you think that a business on the internet, managed at home is a potential interesting opportunity or a risk you can afford; or if you do have a web site and it is not producing any kind of profit for you... Then SEO is something you would like to know.
There are tons of information about it on the web. Try on wikipedia. But because of that is very important to find the "best" information available. I already made the work and I would like to share it here.

Just expand the following flashpaper document making a click on the button that is at the right side of the printer icon:

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