Friday, August 25, 2006

Contradiction? what whaaat?

It looks like all of us have some moments when we feel like "we need"to change.
I'm talking about those moments when we are not sure if what we are doing is what we really wanted to do in our lives, if we are working in the right place or even if we studied the right career.

I think that the nature of the human is to be in constant contradiction, and that contradiction is basically in:
  1. When some change is coming there is always the need of security, no changes, routines. A force against the change.
  2. When the day to day is giving security and it's full of routines there is always space for questioning, for wishes of change, adventures. A force against routines.

But the interesting thing is that the professional and personal development do have direct effect on making a balance. Security is fine and measured risks are fine as well and no contradiction because one can take some risks without changing what gives the security. I also found that basically in the same place where we are working it is possible to develop all our dreams but it all depends on the leadership and initiative of each person.

But something is missing. And it is to have clear sense of purpose.
In the following link you can find an interesting place on the Internet where to find a great tool to make it! I really advice you to give a check on it.

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