Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tribute to Lillian I. Frederick

Just blogging around I found a great site and idea. It is named The 2,996 project.
This site is built to offer a tribute to all the 2996 persons that died on the 9/11 terrorist attack. Each person that registers will get a number and that number is equivalent to one of the victims.

Bad news are out of this blog. So I will not talk about terrorism. The good new is that with ideas and initiatives like that our world will get more to the "good" side of the balance.

Lillian, I saw you for first time today, in a nice picture. I've decided to write you here because by doing it I will show that all victims, like you, are still affecting positively the concept and need of peace. Remembering the bad moments can be painful, but forgetting them is unforgivable.

Lillian I. Frederick, 46, Teaneck N. J., World Trade Center, 9/11

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