Sunday, October 08, 2006

Helping our kids to know more

The weather this weekend was perfect! We went out each day and we were enjoying of our Wonderful World. We were on Saturday on the harvest of the vines in a small town named Bogojina (Slovenia). Today we were with some friends on a special Catholic happening in other town named Beltinci. All of them in a natural region called "Prekmurje" or "over the Mura". Mura is the river!
If you are not already bored with my introduction... I want to give you a link where you will find excelent information about Geography, culture of the world, music and all designed for parents and educators trying to teach kids. It is just a wonderful place! Visit the web site on:
I advise you to check the web site and then ask kids to join you in the exploration! Good luck!

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