Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More than a good new a good idea

All of us have periods when is needed to be alone. At least that happens to me.

When I came to live in Murska Sobota one of the first things I made was to go and buy 2 bikes, 1 for Tatjana and one for me. It was great thing! after some time we got 2 kids and the normal life made us to use the bikes each time more for "need" than for "fun". Between winters, diseases, bad weather and of course many priorities, to go out with the bikes is a challenge. In my case there is another factor: a huge resistance for changing the comfort of being at home.

But today I needed to be alone, sun is shining, the wind is fresh, the colors of the fall are amazing and more than that! I was able to break with the "comfort" and I went out for some hours.

I took my MP3 player, an audiobook loaded, my mobile just in case and I went to see the nature and to see within my self while listening a wonderful book. Now I'm feeling better!

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