Monday, May 21, 2007

Inspired ideas for a sustainable future

I'm still having interesting moments while checking the TED videos I've posted about some days ago. This time is about "Inspired ideas for a sustainable future". I advise you to take the time to check it until the end...

You can visit his web site:


Matt said...

Land mine detecting flowers? Way Cool lol.

I also get a little worried that, the reason we do not build a sustainable world.. that is eco friendly is because of big companies who are always looking for cheap ways to get rid of their waste.

There needs to be devastating penalties for illegal dumping and other bad business practices.

And people need to make sacrifices in comfort for a little while, until all these changes come about.

It will take sacrifice, and I think thats the biggest challenge...since most people don't imagine themselves living when all of this "mess" is going to take place.

Great post and thanks for the link!

Jose Antonio said...

Dear Matt,
I'm constantly trying to understand how we (Humans) behave and react. There is no doubt that some topics capture our attention: entertainment, pleasure, sex. And because of that I recognize that the marketing agencies are showing so much of that in the way of lifestyles.
But actually I'm thinking in a more general concept and I'm calling it "Hope management". I think that is what really moves the Human. That spirit of "discovery" that sent the man to the moon is just a matter of hope. Not only curiosity and it is stronger than any kind of marketing.
The people's hope is what the politicians can't break.
We need to help people to identify that hope for a better world, for a more environmental friendly way of living. The individual hope should scale to the whole humankind.
I hope that will not come to be real when the situation will be irreversible.
Kind regards and thanks for your comment!