Monday, May 07, 2007

TED, ideas worth spreading

This is one of the best news I have to share with you. I found a list of fantastic resources in video format from the TED conference.

You can find all the Themes making click here. Each theme includes many videos, that you can download. The videos are presentations from many of the greatest specialists of our time.
: download all of them! you will make a collection of great topics, great speakers, great samples, great motivation and of course great presentations.

Bellow is one video sample that is interesting and funy from David Pogue:

"The Age of reason" is the core of a presentation from Julia Sweeney:


Matt said...

Thanks for the great link! :)

Jose Antonio said...

Matt! you are back! how nice!
I hope to see your comments more often :)

Boris Gomiunik said...

The one from David Pogue is amazing. And looks like Microsoft listened also :)