Saturday, May 12, 2007

Investing in sustainability

A few minutes ago I was reading an interview with Al Gore and David Blood. I think is a good thing to read because it shows the tendency to seriously take the our environment like a good strategy to keep business going forward.


Matt said...

As always Jose, I find your posts interesting. About Al Gore though, do you know if during the 8 years he was vice president he took a green position or has it been just recently?

I seem to remember an 8 years of no hybrids and no real push towards Global Warming. Again I could be wrong, because I have not done the research.

By the way, my Blog is back.. case you want to stop by and see whats new! :) Thanks

Jose Antonio said...

Hi Dear Matt!
I really don't know so much about his work while he was on "the power".
I just know that lately he is making strong efforts to protect the environment and he is capturing the attention of the press. Thats good.
The topic of hybrids is more complicated because many experts said that is worse for the environment to produce the hydrogen needed for the car (more pollution in the process). That is the reason why there is no clear way to solve the problem of pollution from cars.
I was already visiting your Blog :) and I think I even made a comment.
See you around online and thanks for your comment

Jose Antonio

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

I got to know a little more about Al Gore after browsing the website you introduce.
Interesting post, Jose.

Matt said...

Yes, I am glad that he is pushing for the green movement now. :)

Jose Antonio said...

Hi Pink Ginger and Matt!
Here I found something interesting from Al Gore. It is a movie named "An inconvenient truth".
The web site includes a lot of interesting facts, quotations and downloads.
A place where to get some information about him is also in Wikipedia:

That could help to build a better image about him.

Thanks for your comments!