Friday, June 01, 2007

2 leaders @ the same time

I'm a fan of technology and I work with products offered by Microsoft and lately Apple.
I personally admire persons that are able to change the world with their ideas and I think they are a source of inspiration and hope.
There is a ton of things to learn from world wide known leaders like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Each one of them with a different perspective and each one of them still wiling to reach their dreams.
Here a set of 8 videos from an interview to both of them during the D5:

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Matt said...

Another great set of videos! I plugged your blog on my post today, to help spread some awareness about these great videos. :)

Jose Antonio said...

Hi Matt!
Thanks for your support. It is interesting to see 2 leaders that compete in the business world but at the same time are able to join together and show their values.