Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thinking about "hope"

The concept of "hope" is giving rounds around my head for the past weeks. That's not necessary gooood news but it could be if the idea is helpful for you, so why not to share it?

According to the dictionary from Answers.com "Hope" is:

  • "To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment"

  • "To look forward to with confidence or expectation"

In many cases, when asking myself about what motivates people, I'm finding myself within the territory of "hope".

  • Marketing: The advertisement shows us lifestyles that some of us would "hope" to live.

  • Job: The possibility of learning more, growing professionally or getting recognized are constantly beating, telling us that exists hope that it could happen.
  • The "bad": We learn constantly of bad things going on. They capture our attention, that rings the alarm and in many cases we feel bad about it. The hope for improving and avoiding the same bad things to happen motivates individuals to help and contribute to change.
  • The un-known: We hope so much to understand what we don't know that we create our own explanations: the ocean was full of great monsters... better to stay close to the coast; We thought that the starts and planets were moving around the earth, etc.
  • The existence: We hope to live for ever. We wish to not loose so many great things that the future could bring. We hope at least to live longer to be witness. Even we hope that life exist after our material end.
  • Love: We hope to be loved and that makes the bigger changes on many individual stories. Persons changing their countries, letting their careers in the past. Just because of the hope for the experience of great and warm love.

There are many other things that we hope about. That might be a reason why the Human is known like an explorer. That's why some persons say that the mystery is the key to keep interesting relationships.

If we understand that, then could be easier to understand how to motivate people to succeed.


Matt said...

Great post, I think it would be awesome if people recognized in themselves just how much potential and influence they really have in life. That is my hope :)

Jose Antonio said...

Thanks Matt!
Exactly! the potential inside of ourselves depends on the strength we have to realize what we hope.
That is what "The Alchemist" expressed about following the personal dreams.

Rodrigo said...
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