Saturday, September 08, 2007

Educative videos

One of the great things of our times is the possibility to get a lot of great and valuable information for free using the Internet. That motivates many persons to use the chance to make posts on blogs to make faster the transfer of that information.
I just discovered 180 videos posted by National Geographic that I think are really worth to see.


Matt said...

I love the internet, it is like a book of all knowledge. Anything you want to know about.. it's there. Thanks for the great link! :)

Jose Antonio said...

Hi Matt, you are right.
Actually there is a lot of garbage as well, so I think it is good to be aware where to find valuable information.
Other interesting thing is to see how some huge companies start turning to the web to make their business. All the conservatives already found a way to get profit from offering free information. That's great!