Saturday, September 29, 2007

Solar observatory in Peru

Well it is true that lately I'm writing more about Peru. There is a reason, this is a country where the bad news were each day filling the newspapers and lately there are some good news coming from there and that are related to "culture" and Human heritage.
This time the University of Yale announced on their web site:
"... Archeologists from Yale and the University of Leicester have identified an ancient solar observatory at Chankillo, Peru as the oldest in the Americas with alignments covering the entire solar year, according to an article in the March 2 issue of Science." You can read the article here.
In the first image you can see the fortified stone temple called Chankillo.
Bellow you see an image explaining how the solar observatory was used.


Matt said...

Hey Jose, not sure if you participate in these things but I recently was selected for a meme on books, and I chose you as one of the people to participate, if you want to of course. Check it out on my blog if you are interested! :)

Jose Antonio said...

Hi Matt!
I'm sorry that I wasn't able to make it... but I will do it during the week.
I'm having very busy days.
What is this about? should I send also to 5 persons?