Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yale will return thousands of Inca relics to Peru

That's a great thing!
Universities are of course the center piece for research. In poor countries like Peru the foreign institutions are even more important to preserve the heritage of our ancestors. But I also think that the cultural property must be where it belongs, in the right time.
The problem is that sometimes the place where the relics are discovered can't offer the warranties needed for their preservation. Is then when civilization should take place and the interests of humanity should be the only valid argument.
The agreement between Peru and Yale is a good sample of it. After long time of negotiations they have arrived to a situation where students, scholars and humanity will get the clear benefit.
More than 4000 pieces will return to their native land. You can read more in BBC News.


Matt said...

Sounds like an awesome gesture! :)

Jose Antonio said...

Hi Matt, I think is the right thing to do. A win to win situation. Actually Yale never owned the artifacts but they preserved them. I think it is a great result after a long period of negotiations.

Wish you a great day!