Saturday, November 10, 2007

Greener holidays

Today is Saturday and like most weekends I take the start of the day really slow.
I just finished watching a great program on a travels channel and I'm very impressed with a great concept: "Being environmentally responsible" while traveling. The program's name is "How to holiday greener"
The power of the idea is that communities can use their touristic natural attractions in oder to increase their local production of services, food and crafts. For example: A hotel offers a free tea and cookies for families that arrive using public transportation.
In the town where I live there is a time of the year when the gardens are producing more vegetables and fruits that what is possible to consume (for example apples). But at the same time the supermarkets are selling imported products (apples) that are not as good as local ones, and require a lot of energy for their transportation (airplanes, trucks, cars) generating much more pollution. At least here the tradition helps to preserve some of the excess of fresh products by creating marmalade, juices and other kind of long lasting products.
It makes a lot of sense to trigger the local development of farmers by helping them to produce creative services and add value to what they know to do. Even better if that is a way to make the supermarkets and others to learn to respect the environment and use that concept withing their processes.
You can visit a great Blog about the topic clicking here.

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