Sunday, November 25, 2007

What would you fight for?

I have no simple answer to that simple question. But I found a place where you can have some very interesting answers from real people talking about real steps towards improving our future.
The videos I found are from the University of Notre Dam

Here you have links to other resons why to fight for:


Matt said...

Jose, love the new blog design. If we have to fight, it may as well be for a good reason.

Jose Antonio said...

Dear Matt thanks for your kind comment about the new design. Actually is just one of the templates that Blogger offers.
I think I needed to make easier to read and more organized.

Best regards,

Jose Antonio

felix said...

hi jose,i'll obviously love to fight for all good works and i put in the first place children,then suffering due to lack of self-sufficience.peace!

Jose Antonio said...

Yes, I see there are many things to fight for. Just check for TED videos and you will be surprised of how many things are interesting to fight for.. and many of them are so "original".

Jose Antonio said...

Felix, I just checked your Blogger profile and I discovered that you are from Ferrara!
I was there a couple of times and I really like the city and specially the wine! inexpensive and very good!