Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where is the truth?

Many days ago that I'm not posting any good news in my Blog. To tell you the truth I was looking for some substantial positive news but I couldn't find many inspirational information to share.
I was checking the process of growth my country is experiencing but even many good steps happened, many corruption related issues jumped to the public. That is not yet a substantial source of good news. I see economical growth without social growth.
The rest of the world is worried about the effects of climate change. That's important and transcendental and it is a process that will change our future. But there are still many contradictions yet to be solved. So that is not a source of inspirational good news.
Then I wondered if I'm the problem and I'm becoming negative. Or maybe I lost my sense of positivity.
I found that I had some challenges to solve in the office. That kind of "human" style problems that are sucking so much energy in order to be solved with responsibility and respect. I needed to charge my batteries.
While recharging I received a message from an old friend of mine. I learned that she found her own truth and she is happy and free. She fought for many years and she achieved it! That came to me like a fast load of pure and shining positivity.
Today I have started thinking about "the truth" and the source of being positive. I think that the personal truth is within the process of learning about ourselves, from our own experiences and from others. That means, in my perspective, that people that is not looking for the truth or that is not curious about which is the "trick" to lead a successful life is definitely going to live far from risks, changes and great success. They can live in peace of course. Those are probably persons that think they know the truth or at least they are satisfied with their own truth and they don't want to risk it introducing changes, they stopped learning about life. That's fine for many and probably good for society. For me not.
I think that positivity comes from observing the routes our live takes while looking for a personal truth; for preparing a legacy. That legacy should be a map for others to see where a person found wrong paths, how many times was needed to fix the route, change direction, create a new way and in many cases where that person treasured his or her own truth. That is a map not a recipe book. There are hundreds of other ways and specially because not all start the journey from the same place and of course because the destination is a secret.
That is for sure a message of hope, because at the end it is not important to arrive, it is important to look for the way to, what you think is, the destination. It is important that others can see which your truth is, which are the paths you walked. No matter who you are or what you own; it is important the legacy your life will bring after looking for innovative ways to achieve happiness, success, truth, freedom or whatever motivates you.
If all that is true then being positive is possible like a recognition of what we discovered until now.

The following is the sample of a guy that went out of the school, had problems with the police and that is certainly a source of inspiration for many.

The picture is from Jparise

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