Monday, January 15, 2007

Cloudy apple juice!

Well... After the holidays eating a lot... I'm concerned about eating healthier.
When I lived in Peru I was drinking each day orange and papaya natural juice. Now in Europe I normally drink "100 % natural" canned or bottled juices and some times natural orange juice.
One juice I like very much is the apple juice and I discovered that some of them are very clear and some of them aren't.
Now I found on the BBC a strong argument to buy the "cloudy" apple juice! check the article.
If you like Starbucks... they have the best natural Orange juice.... mmm!


Matt said...

As I was going through my favorite blogs this morning I felt a pull to your blog for some reason.. and now I know what it was.. you mentioned Starbucks! lol

I have also decided to start eating healthier, and cloudy apple juice.. isn't that called Apple Cider? Has all the stuff in it, skin, seeds.. the occasional worm? lol :)

I never tried starbucks Orange Juice but im going to now. Thanks!

Jose Antonio said...

Hehehe! That of the worm made me laugh! probably contains some kind of protein right?
Well you will let me know your experience with orange juice. :)