Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Green is in fashion!

Well I'm not an expert in fashion but I'm sure that our Planet is showing us that to think "green" is the right thing to do. The gooood thing here is that it is visible the effort of different industries in to comply to the urgent requirement to protect our environment.
By making more importance on this topic we will contribute on a more enviroment conscious planet. Talk about it with your friends... and find ideas. If you wish to share them, just write a comment.

Green dreams to all of you.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Great Post Jose, every time I hear someone say how technologically were advanced, I laugh.

I think the only way to have true advancement is to have something work very well, that causes no damage to the Earth and when it no longer works.. can be easily recycled or used in another way that further benefits us.

Otherwise all we have is a bunch of plastic "stuff" which we can't do anything with and which will sit under the ground for thousands of years.

Thanks! and Go Green!