Saturday, February 17, 2007

The best way to help

Hello! This time is not a good new.. it is more a way to get information about what you think about helping people or even countries.
  • Dow we have to give money to beggars? Or is it better to give them food?
  • Is it good to give food or better to give work?
  • Is it good to give work or better to give opportunities?
  • What about knowledge?
Many people help organizations like Unicef and many think that their money goes to pay salaries of Unicef employees (I personally like to cooperate with Unicef). Others are supporting individuals that help people to build wells or other things... but then they don't have security of how their money is managed.

Please let me know your opinion. If you want your voice to be heard click on the following button and record your voice. If you are more comfortable by writing just let a comment in this post. Thanks in advance! your ideas can change the world... don't forget that! :)

Let the world know your opinion


Boris Gomiunik said...

I agree with you especially in the last point. There is a very good Chinese saying: "Don't give a poor man a fish. Teach him how to fish." (or something similar).

Would be interesting if part of the donated money would go into the infrastructure to enable people from the third world countries to come to learn from developed countries. For example: people from third world countries could be sent for a short while to help and to learn (in agriculture, construction, etc.) and then take this knowlege home to its best use.

Jose Antonio said...

In Peru, when the authorities build a school, a sports center or some other kind of public building the people still the things, destroy very fast the infrastructure.
In that case we need to focus in what is really important for them. Why to make a library if they don't know to read well? or why do they need a school if their problem is to keep their stomach with food?