Saturday, February 17, 2007

Turning memories into diamonds

One of the questions I have about my own life is... how would I like to be buried?
I think that I'm getting close to an answer after watching a video about a girl that was turned into a diamond after her death. (Check the video).
There is a company named LifeGem that is making that possible. They use the carbon from the ashes of a loved one and then after a very especial process they can make a diamond.
You can see some pictures about the work of other companies making synthetic diamonds as well in


Matt said...

Wow, that is pretty cool. Death is one of those things, I rarely like to think about, but the girl being turned into a diamond, has a real magical quality to it.

Thanks for sharing. :)

Jose Antonio said...

Hi Matt!
The diamond is a very beautiful thing and is good in this case because it shines and can last for ever.
In a previous post I made a question I would like you to give a check and if possible answer. You have experience in the "how to help" issue :)