Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just imagine...what to do with all the fat from the fast food industry?

In the US the fast food industry uses 3.9 billion gallons of oil (1 gallon=3.8 litters aprox.). That is oil that after used is trashed. So... what to do with it? can we get something from that waste?
Yeeees! it looks like it is possible! we can get biodiesel! At least this is what BiOil Corporation answered.
Give a check on article.


Matt said...

I never thought about it actually lol We do use a lot of oil, is it biodegradable? I'm not really sure what we could do with used oil, im still waiting on going back to glass bottles and forgetting the plastic. lol

Jose Antonio said...

Hi Matt!
The first diesel engine was made to use peanut oil. It means was designed for what we call now Bio Diesel.
But for economic reasons the engine was adapted to use the diesel we know now.
Bio diesel is better because it doesn't have so many pollutants. It is cleaner. And it can be produced in fields.
And now you can see that the food industry would find a new business source. It means we will re-use the same oil 2 times. For food and then for fuel.
That is for sure a way to stop the dependence of crude oil or petroleum (reason for many wars)-
So... if the ball of biodiesel or alternative energy sources rolls and grows we are talking about better environment, cheaper food, more work for farmers and less reasons for violence.

Matt said...

Thanks for the link, I didn't know about all that, yes I can see how used oil would help then. Thanks!