Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A good new from Prazniki.net

I mentioned before that we are running a Christmas competition, in Slovenian language, that has like goal to get letters from kids to Santa Claus. This is the third year and we are very happy with it.
This year, one of the good news, is the wish of one of the kids. Her wish is to give poor kids the chance to have what she already have, she means that she has covered her basic needs. That wish is coming true! And just because of her honest wish some kids will receive help from Unicef.


Matt said...

Hi Jose, great post.. I liked it so much that I did a post on your article and blog and linked back to yours. Thanks!

Jose Antonio said...

Dear Matt! you made me smile today.
I'm so happy with your message and the kindness of your post.
Christmas season is with us!
I just received a CD from one school of children with special needs.. it is so beautiful! I'm working to publish it ASAP in Prazniki.net