Sunday, December 03, 2006

A good way of helping and having fun

As I mentioned in other posts is a web competition site focused on the December holiday season. It is targeted to the Slovenian speaking audience and of course is specially created for children.
The past year we got amazing results. This year we are including many new features into the project and also we are including presents from many different companies that believe on the cause this web site is trying to reach each year: To have a good reason to have a nice time on family and to get the chance of winning an award.
But this year is also different because we introduced an idea that extends the reach of the web site. We bought some presents from Unicef and now they are available to the winners of the competition. That means that this year Christmas greetings to our partners and customers will be in email format and that we will replace the present we were normally delivering to them for the satisfaction that tenths of families had a reason to smile and without knowing were also helping children in need from around the world (Unicef).
It is a small initiative but I wanted to share it because it could give you better ideas to give this holidays more meaning by having more sense of responsibility for what happens outside of our normal environment.


Matt said...

Hi, Jose, I absolutely love your blog, we share a lot of the same concerns and blog interests. I invite you to come visit my blog Empathy and have a look around.

I have added you to my blogroll and will be back to see more. Keep up the great work!

Jose Antonio said...

Thanks Matt! It is really nice to receive kind messages like yours.
And of course I will add your Blog URL as well.
Please feel free to write me and let me know if you have some good new to share.