Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Saving your life... and other's

Are you feeling prepared in case of emergency?
That was a question I made on Yahoo Answers and the answers I got were in some way disappointing. Most people isn't prepared.
What means to be prepared? I think the most important is to know what happens when emergency comes:
  • No clean water.
  • No electricity.
  • No easy way for making fire.
  • No medicine.
  • No shelter.
  • No fridge for keeping food conserved.
  • No telephone, at least no batteries.
  • No contact with others.
  • No easy way to find where you are.
Some days ago a reporter died after few days of walking in the snow. His family survived waiting for him in the car. He was found dead close to the car. He was probably walking in circles; there was no signal for his mobile phone. His family survived by using the car fuel for heating and after it was over they used the tires of it.
So why not to be prepared for those cases?
I think it is important to have 2 emergency kits: 1 for the car (when going to trips), one in a protected or safe space at home.
What should we have there?
  1. A solar charger for GSM or other devices. Click here; If you find something better don't doubt on sharing the link.
  2. General solar charger. Click here.
  3. Flash lights. Specially if they can be recharged with movement, manual generators and better if they use leds instead of bulbs. Click here.
  4. A set of basic tools: Multitools, Tool sets.
  5. Tape.
  6. First aid supplies.
  7. Sleeping bags.
  8. A tent.
  9. A cooler for storage of food.
  10. Aluminum paper.
  11. Batteries.
  12. Winter cloth.
  13. A radio.
  14. A water filer.
  15. A GPS or a compass.
  16. Rope.
  17. Lighter.
Well, what a kit! many things that I don't have actually. Ideas will be welcome!
And if you are thinking in an original present for the holidays you can help your friends or family to start building their "life saver" kit.


Matt said...

Those are some great ideas, I have an emergency kit.. the worst possible emergency that I have no solution for is if my local Starbucks ever closes it's doors! :)

Jose Antonio said...

Now I know! I'm in emergency!
The closest Starbucks I know is in Vienna! (2.5 hours from here)
Some menths ago I had to stay in Vienna and I passed the days drinking orange juice, super cappucinos, and of course on line!

Matt said...

I guess there is hope then Jose! Thanks! lol :)