Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

One of the happiest moments I had was a couple of days ago when I received one CD from one Slovenian school. It was the work of some great teachers and a group of special and lovely kids.
Simona, MatjaĆŸ and me... were impressed and touched. I had to hold a tear from falling :)
I would like to share their work with you:

Video: Wishes from OS Toneta Okrogarja and PS Senozeti
For sure God is within those kids! Thanks to all of them to make me feel proud of living in this time!


Boris Gomiunik said...

The perfect thing to put you in the christmas mood!

Jose Antonio said...

Yes! those kids really made it!

Matt said...

Jose, great post! I hope your Christmas was wonderful. :)

Jose Antonio said...

Thanks Matt!
Wish you the same!
I had nice time in Christmas and finally I could enjoy to play with my 2 little guys, Marko and Andre.